Ryan Null

Owner and Head trainer/instructor

Originally from Corsicana, Texas, Ryan grew up learning all things farm and ranch.  Ryan began his riding career when he was only four years old, with a sweet gray pony named Smokey.  By eight, he had graduated to Pepe, with whom he began competitively roping, a passion he carried through the end of high school.  After graduating, Ryan attended Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos before working for 10 years in the HVAC industry, all the while continuing find ways to stay involved with horses through positions in barn management.  Ryan has well over a decade of experience as a professional barn manager and not only has he been at Blue Moon since it's opening in 2015, he actually did much of the conception and construction of the farm.  In 2017, we were lucky to have Ryan leave the HVAC world to commit singularly to the world of horses.  Ryan has began to foster a growing interest in dressage and loves coming to competitions to support our riders-when Ryan is at a show, we know there will be lots more fun and laughter and much less show nerves!  

Laura Robinson

who we are


Whether you are looking for boarding, training, lessons or rehab for your horse, we can help!  With 50+ years of combined experience, our staff is well-versed in horse care, management and training!

Laura grew up riding and competing locally in equitation and hunters as a child and young adult in Austin, Texas. After receiving her B.A. in Political Science from Colorado State University in 2006, Laura decided that her passion had always been with horses and began her career in the equine industry. Laura was able to work her way up the ladder, first working as a stablehand, then continuing on to become a groom/assistant, and working student.  It was during this time that Laura began to pursue dressage and eventing as her primary disciplines of study.   After years of hard work and on-the-job education, Laura moved back to Texas to fulfill her dream of owning her own training and lesson program in 2010.  A few years later, Laura was able to purchase and begin development on 20 acres of land in the Texas Hill Country and in 2015, Blue Moon Farm opened its doors!  

As a trainer and coach, Laura is focused on helping her students achieve their goals, whether that is to compete and win, or simply learn to have a better relationship with their horses.  Laura has had opportunities to work for and with a variety of established trainers and coaches, including Karin Donckers, Nancy Fair, Bert Rutten, Buck Davidson, Ron Smeets, Tom Poulin, Captain Mark Phillips, Lainey Ashker, Deb Rosen, and more.  Laura has a drive and passion for learning and improving her horses and riders, and also is always the first to remember that working and learning with horses should be FUN! One of Laura's favorite parts of training is working with young horses and thoroughbreds, which is no surprise, since she has owned and ridden her own 22 year old thoroughbred, Chase, for over 18 years!